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Latest creations

Alternator Pulleys catalog 2019 - 2020 (June, 2019)

Sasic has had a range of alternator pulleys for a long time ago. With the creation of a catalog dedicated Pdf, we hope the highlighting of this range you will help us to find quickly the right part.
PDF available on the Documentation page.

Flash news - Oil dipstick

Flash news : Water hoses (Feb.2019)

- 20 new references for the Water hoses range.

Flash News - Brake pads (January 2019)

- Our new catalog Brake Pads & Indicators 2019-2020 is now available under reference 7000183.

Flash News - Peugeot 2008 (october 2018)

- 38 references: ground connection, cooling, engine, braking, clutch and antivibration.

Flash News - DACIA Carmaker (June 2018)

- 46 new references

Flash News - SASIC hoses (March 2018)

- 7 references of turbo hoses
- 55 references of water hoses

Flash News - Renault CAPTUR

New parts for our ranges: front axle, shock absorber part, pulley, brake, timing belt kit, Acc. Idler / Tensioner.

Flash News - (November 2017)

New range of brake pad sensors.

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